The Team

Meet The Piroli Team

Rob Piroli – President

"Brick and concrete dust flows through Rob Piroli’s veins."

Rob was raised in the construction industry where his father and brothers owned small construction and bricklaying companies. When it was time for him to enter the workforce, Rob decided to build on the foundation his family had created.

In 1992, at the age of 24 and armed with a diploma in Business Finance, Rob started a general contracting company in the residential market. Over the years, Rob steered his company to address market fluctuations and industry demands. Piroli Group Developments grew into a full-fledged design/build construction company for commercial and municipal developments in the Windsor market. In 2013, Rob saw a growing demand for accommodations for aging baby boomers. He set to work to create a unique community environment encompassing condo-style apartments and retirement/assisted living homes.

It’s clear that diversification is a key ingredient in the success of Piroli Group Developments. Additionally, Rob believes that the ability to read market indicators and take advantage of them will continue to propel the 25-year-old company forward. He gets tremendous satisfaction from going through a feasibility study, building a structure that was created at the planning stage, and seeing it occupied. A determined man with high  standards for his business, Rob is known as a hardnosed business person. However, his love for his family and his friends form the real backbone of his character. He cares passionately about his business associates. If you work for Piroli, you’re family. Rob spends his off-hours making wine and prosciutto, hunting, fishing, and vacationing with his family.

Our Team

Dan Rino – Senior Project Manager

"Juggling several tasks at once is a special talent of Dan Rino’s."

As Piroli’s Senior Project Manager, Dan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company’s on-going and new projects. He handles estimates and tenders, sources items as needed, and is the company’s main contact with sub-contractors. In an industry where so many things can go off track, Dan uses his sharp eye and years of experience in project management to bring the job to the finish line – on time and on budget.

A project manager throughout his career, Dan has been with Piroli Group Developments since 2011. It didn’t take long to feel like part of the family. He says the camaraderie and team spirit are definite perks of his job.

In addition to being a civil engineering technologist, Dan is also a Certified NFPA Firefighter. Even though the call of duty means that there are many hours of hard work ahead, his greatest satisfaction comes from knowing a blaze is under control and lives have been saved.

In his off-hours, Dan revels in the company of his family. He loves spending time with his wife and three children, and wants to make the most of these years while his kids are still young enough to build memories.

Mike Piroli – Office/HR Manager

"As the son of Rob Piroli, President of Piroli Group Developments, Mike knew that if he wanted to be an integral part of his father’s company, he would have to work for it."

And work he did – starting with his feet on the ground as a labourer at the age of 15. At the same time, Mike worked with the Roma Club of Leamington.

Two years later, Mike moved from the job site to the office as administrator, a position he held for six years. He was pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in management and labour studies from the University of Windsor. In 2015, with his degree in hand, Mike was promoted to the position of Office/Human Resources Manager.

A highly motivated individual, Mike employs his solid communications skills to build and manage the Piroli team. As the Office Manager, he oversees the administrative operations, taking work pressures and tight timelines in stride. He enjoys having the authority to make decisions, and is proud to have a say in the way things are done at Piroli Group Developments.

A self-described “person with simple needs,” Mike says he finds joy in life’s little pleasures – like time with friends and family. As for what the future holds, Mike has his mind set on two things: to travel as much as he can, and to obtain his CHRL (Certified Human Resource Leader) designation.

Marlo Lazdins - Site Manager

"At just twenty-seven years old, Marlo Lazdins has covered a lot of ground both personally and professionally."

After graduating from Civil Engineering at St. Clair College, Marlo entered the University of Windsor to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Engineering, specializing in structural engineering. While in University, Marlo worked for Piroli Group Developments as a supervisor during his last two semesters. After graduating with Honours in Civil Engineering in September 2013, Marlo was promoted to Site Manager. Making full use of his leadership and coordinating skills, Marlo takes on the demands of a hectic work site with ease. He is charged with managing a crew of five, but that number can swell to as many as 50 with the sub-trades on site. As the Site Manager, Marlo readily accepts the challenges of his position, and the expectations that come with it. He appreciates having the freedom to do what is required to get the job done – even if that means he has to do it himself.

On a personal note, Marlo is married to his high school sweetheart, with whom he has travelled through Europe, South America, and Central America. The couple recently welcomed a new baby daughter into their lives.

Brennan Malot – Site Foreman

You never know where your next job will take you.

In 2000, while employed as a steel building fabricator, Brennan Malot found himself working on a Piroli construction site where he met Rob Piroli. Soon after, Rob offered him a job as site foreman, and he has been with Piroli Group Developments ever since.

As Site Foreman, Brennan keeps projects on track and ensures that the labourers are always on task. He does a lot of the heavy lifting himself, often driving the forklift and trucks when required. A patient man, Brennan prides himself on being able to deal with all personality types and staying calm in heated situations. Even though the crews work hard, Brennan says there is always time for a little lighthearted fun to keep things in balance.

If you work at Piroli Group Developments, you’re part of the family. New family members are always welcome. Brennan’s oldest son has worked on his crew for the past 10 years.

When he’s not on the job, the father of four takes to the open road on his Harley Road King Classic motorcycle, or spends weekends at his trailer in Amherstburg. The grandson of a WWII veteran, Brennan can also be found at the Legion throwing darts with his fellow league members.

Mario Piroli – Equipment Manager

"In the construction and development business, everything needs to run like a well-oiled machine, including the machinery."

For Piroli Group Developments, the responsibility of keeping the company’s equipment in top operating condition lies with Mario Piroli.

As part of the family-oriented company, Mario has worked side-by-side with his brother, Rob Piroli, since Piroli Group’s inception. Mario has been witness to the company’s evolution over 25 years from different vantage points. During the course of his career, Mario has worn many hats including project manager, project co-ordinator, job site supervisor, and – for the past two years - Equipment Manager.

A certified engineering technician, Mario knows that equipment downtime can wreak havoc with a demanding project schedule costing precious time and money. He excels at ensuring Piroli’s heavy equipment is well-maintained and ready to get to work when it is needed.

Mario’s years of collective experience, sharp insights into the construction industry, and his natural communication abilities have served him well and entrenched him as a valuable asset to the Piroli business – in any capacity.

His personal goal is to carry on with Piroli Group Developments doing what he can to bring the company to higher levels of success. When his work is done he plans to retire to a warm, sunny climate.